Driven by the passion that has carried her through the past 30 years in the freight industry, Norma is now taking that and using her experience to assist importers and exporters in the application and implementation of the new requirements that the 3 Acts replacing the current legislation will require.

Her career started in Ships’ Agency, where she worked her way up to the freight desk and whilst handling imports, she assisted the export desk in order to learn the “other half” of the process.

However, she soon realised that what attracted her most, was the Harmonised Tariff Nomenclature and she has spent the past 27 years learning & working with this publication and the law surrounding it.

During this time Norma has been involved with many practices which have included:

• Bills of materials and costing

• Negotiating and ensuring the correct Incoterms are applied in the company’s favour

• Applying for and where applicable maintaining balances of Import & Export Permits; Police Clearance Certificates etc.

• Handling Industrial Rebate Stores – from application to maintaining stock and records, including regular Customs inspections

• Rebated factory relocations from China and preparing for the claims from the DTI

• Price negotiations with service providers and suppliers

• Arranging Foreign Exchange and purchase of Forward Cover Contracts

• In house customs clearing, when systems were still manual. Needing to know and understand what you were doing to be able to process a declaration

• Attending Examinations and obtaining Releases from Customs, Port Health, Department of Agriculture

• DA66 Refund Applications and ensuring receipt of funds from Customs.

Formal study, which earned her an internationally recognized FIATA Diploma, meant having to work in the clearing and forwarding sector of the industry as well. This in turn led to her lecturing part time at the SA Maritime School and Transport College enabling her to pass on her passion in this specialised field.

Norma has also mentored and taught younger colleagues within the workplace and is now using her skills to assist importers and exporters with the transition and metamorphosis the new legislation is going to require.

Tariffs are tailored to meet individual company requirements. For service as unique as your business, simply give us a call and we’ll arrange an assessment for you.




Derek Lomas & Associates : Leadership Communication Course

SAAFF : Completion of MITB Forwarding Practice 1

SAAFF : Completion of MITB Forwarding Practice 2
Dissertation on The Commercial Shipping Department

SAAFF : Completion of SAAFF Customs Affairs


FIATA Diploma in International Freight Management

Corporate Diagnostic Solutions : Textile Tariffing


South African Customs Clearing Part II Advanced

Company In-house Training : Compu-Clearing / Oscar
Bills of Materials
Electronic versions of the Harmonized Tariff Nomenclature
Fire fighting

Haztranz : Theoretical and Practical Course in the Conveyance of Dangerous Goods by Road

Additional Funtions : Part-time Lecturer SA Maritime School and Transport College. 2012*2015


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