It is a known and accepted fact that South Africa has a severe shortage of skilled, qualified and experienced staff.

Incoterms are the critical beginning to any international transaction and too few international traders have a working knowledge of these and, without even knowing it, are throwing profit away.

Foreign Exchange controls may have been relaxed, but still have a very real impact on international trade and how South African companies may finance their purchases. Even if your bank is prepared and allowed to transfer your funds for you, are they doing so in your company’s best interests, or simply fulfilling your instructions because they are legally allowed to?

There are a lot of, (not only smaller), importers and/or exporters in the South African economy that have signed paperwork with SARS Customs and Excise, stating that they are knowledgeable of Act 91 of 1964 {as amended}; whose staff, in fact, have none or very little knowledge of what they have signed up for.

Companies then appoint a Clearing and Forwarding Agent to act on their behalf and rely solely on that company’s staff’s expertise and knowledge; without even knowing the legal definition of an importer or what that appointed company is supposed to be doing on their behalf (other than deliver their cargo). It stands to reason that Clearing and Forwarding companies will guard their knowledge in order to maintain their client base and remain profitable. The law however, states that importers/exporters remain responsible.

So, this leaves not only the company, but the individual(s) concerned as well, open to financial penalties that can prove to be crippling and in some cases even prosecution.

Things will often run quite smoothly for many years and then suddenly an examination will highlight something that starts and investigation; or a small amendment to the Act will cause an unintentional mis-declaration that will result in a penalty and corrective action being required going forward; a zealous Customs official will accidently pick up on something that triggers an in depth look at your business activities with Customs and Excise.

Why take these risks when, for a fraction of an experienced staff member’s salary, you can protect your business and minimise the very real risks faced each time a shipment takes place? TransformAZ has been created to minimise and where possible eradicate those risks and give peace of mind you may not have even be aware you needed.